Wes Ward

As consultant

I’m an independent consultant on land conservation for individuals, families, and organizations who want to consider protecting a special land holding or an important landscape from development; also an as-needed consultant for Solid Ground Consulting  in Portland, Oregon.

As writer

For the past two years, I’ve been researching the origins, history, ethics, state of practice, and challenges facing land conservation as a local, national, and international movement. Land Conservation in a Changing World is the working title of the book I’m writing, with help from colleagues around the country.

Background and experience

After bouncing around Vermont and upstate New York for thirty-six years with a pastor’s family and then my own, I settled in the Boston area and spent 34 absorbing years on the land conservation staff of The Trustees of Reservations in Massachusetts, the country’s first regional land trust. More than 30,000 acres were protected in my time at the organization — thanks to the team on which I apprenticed and then led, always with unmatched support from can-do staff, committed volunteers, and challenging leaders.

Our “trek” west

After the notorious “snowzilla” storm in Boston, as soon as we cold manage, my wife and I relocated to Portland, indulging an adolescent fascination of mine with the mighty west coast, where perhaps, in many important ways, the future of our country is being shaped.

Education, formal

Bachelor’s, Marlboro College, Vermont; Masters, Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning, University of Massachusetts; Master of Public Administration, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

Education, informal   

Extensive, following bread crumbs along the way. Most recently, successful completion of Oregon Real Estate Brokerage course required for licensing.

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